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Most famous soundtracks

The iconic songs for the most iconic movies

The list keeps growing and competition gets harder as more films are released. Many of these songs are famous for the iconic films they accompany, such as the song Now We Are Free from the movie Gladiator. This is the song that made Hans Zimmer a household name across the globe, as all who watched the film where enthralled and left gob smacked in their seats, as the story gripped them and the music won over even the hardest of critics. This was a soundtrack list that was truly one of a kind and was such a fantastic work of art that it is easily recognized everywhere. Another example would be the Star Wars theme music, which was written by the famous John Williams in a beautiful display of orchestral prowess and ingenuity, displaying how a traditional orchestra could create such a futuristic selection of soundtracks that amazed the world, and for an astonishing soon to be four decades. An achievement that has never in the history of cinematography been challenged, with a soundtrack that is unequaled in its amazing harmony with the storyline.

A unique blockbuster

With so many brilliant musical pieces, one that cannot go without mention is the film Titanic. Here we have the brilliant James Horner in collaboration with The Studio Sound Ensemble presenting a beautiful collection of music that made this romantic movie what it is today: a unique blockbuster for its time that made cast members icons, and Celine Dion a world class singer. The music here was not all created uniquely for the film, but it all fit just the same and the pieces are mainly associated with the motion picture. At the end of it all what makes these soundtracks famous is the films they accompany and vice versa, each raising the other’s prestige. The music behind these breathtaking movies is the emotional crescendo that underpins the brilliance of their stories, and draws audience members in to a memorable movie going experience.