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Music in Grease (1978)

The first real teen movie

When one thinks of teen movies, we imagine the typical high school setting in which the protagonist is trying to pass a test, which becomes a learning experience for him or her, at the same time as they try to get the girl or guy. Add a host of famous pop songs and you have your typical teen movie. Grease, though, was arguably one of the most influential teen movies ever made. The thing that defined it was the music, with funky tunes in line with the style of pop of the late seventies, and which made the film in some ways more a musical than a movie. The music isn’t just stand alone songs though; it helps drive the plot forward with plenty of upbeat music that is easy to relate to and that gets stuck in your head. The music from Grease is still well known today, and because it starred famous actors, the music has become even more iconic as time passes. The songs turn this film into a pop styled melodrama that was revolutionary for its time.

Pushing the Envelope

Many movies had a similar intention but not quite the style of this 1950’s based story with its score that tugged at the heartstrings of teens across the world. It was the American Pie of its day, somewhat racy and raunchy, as it pushed the envelope a little bit too far for its time, with many things appearing in it that would not be acceptable today. Many might argue that the film isn’t relevant today. The truth however is that this movie was a milestone in the industry, targeting the teenage audience by offering up suggestive innuendos, but not crossing too many lines. One thing that is still undisputed till this day is the fact that the word Grease was on everyone’s lips when it came out as a songfest of a movie back in the late 1970s, a film that blew everyone’s mind. While the acting is not brilliant, its fame came from the energetic numbers that portrayed a joy-filled, teen rebellion and an exciting vibe that shook the world.