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Movie Soundtracks

Everybody loves a good movie, but half of what makes it great is the soundtrack that goes along with it. Many movies wouldn’t be the same without an icon theme, Jaws anyone? With that in mind, here are a few of the most icon movie soundtracks of all time.

The classical approach

There are two types of soundtrack, those that have songs and those purely instrumental. Whilst both have great impact it can be the classical beats that linger long after the movie has finished bringing back vivid memories of specific scenes. As mentioned before, John Barry’s Jaws theme is so icon people use it almost as part of the language to denote something ominous or bad approaching. Other soundtracks such as the recent Lord of the Rings trilogy simply serve to create the setting and immerse the viewer into the world. Other notable classical soundtracks include The Big Country, Dr Zhivago, Gone with the Wind and even Gladiator, all with recognisable beats and themes running throughout.

It’s all in the song

The other type of soundtrack is those that feature songs. In this vein it is hard to miss mentioning The Bodyguard with Whitney Houston’s ‘I will Always Love You’ selling 17 million copies worldwide. Prince’s “Purple Rain” from the movie of the same name was also an instant classic and in fact many people know the song without even realising it came from a film at all. More people have heard it than watched the film. Then of course there is Titanic. Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will go On,” was the theme song of many a 90s teen. Then there are the full movie sing-alongs such as Grease and Frozen who’s complete karaoke ability and strong songs cemented them forever into favoured songs. Both films have a plethora od eminently singable songs with them both commonly being heard in karaoke clubs or simply in the car.

Oher notable soundtracks are songs, such as Dirty Dancing, Flashdance and more recently Guardians of the Galaxy purely because of their eclectic mix of artists providing multiple well placed and icon pieces of music. However, if you want to read about online games, read more here.